United States Patent and Trademark Office (the USPTO):  The USPTO provides
patent and trademark information and guidance.  A listing of the Patent Laws of the
United States is provided
here., and the Patent Rules of Practice can be found here.

Copyright Office of the Library of Congress:  The Copyright Office provides
information regarding the registration of Copyrights in the United States.

European Patent Office:  The European Patent Office provides information and
searching abilities in relation to European and other patents.

Some searching for prior art references and other intellectual property information can
be done using standard search engines, including
Yahoo! and Google;

Every inventor should be aware that unscrupulous companies often prey on inventors,
typically seeking to capitalize on the optimism that inventors have  and the trust they
must commonly place in service providers.  Before engaging any person or company,
one would be well advised to seek to learn of the experiences of others with that person
or company.  Further information and guidance in this area can be found, for example,
at the following sites:

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